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[LSK OC] Training Days Dairy: Entry #1

Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Canon?: Nope, OCs only. Claimed 21st Generation for myself.

Notes: Usually I don't like posting stories about my fan-OCs, but I figured hey, this is my personal blog, I can just post whatever I want |D (Not like anyone's reading this mush anyway, ahaha) So bam! Time to be the embarrassing kid who writes about their OCs instead of the canon characters. It's just a quick random thing I thought up at work today and decided to actually write down to get back into writing, aha ♥
Set in their training days. Since I'm a loser at titles for random short stories/scenes any training day blurb will be titled Training Days Dairy: Entry #X by order of posting, not by chronological order or anything... These probably make more sense if you've read me mumbling about them before, ahaha- I should probably post character profiles eventually. orz

Training Days Dairy: Entry #1

In one of the Holy Temple of the God of Light's many corridors a dark figure wandered from door to door and peeked inside each room. Upon closer inspection, the figure was actually a young teenage boy – thirteen, maybe fourteen at best – with dark hair, dark eyes and wearing a dark knight's uniform, the dark hood of his short dark overcoat pulled up in an attempt to look dangerous but it really just made him look kind of gloomy.

Rayan was the young student of the Judgment Knight and currently on the lookout for his future arch-rival, the young Sun student, to hand him a letter his teacher had written for him. For the purpose of leading the Holy Temple properly in the future, Sun and Judgment should get to know each other, he had said.

...Knowing his teacher, that probably meant the letter was an invitation to a duel. But he didn't read it, so it could very well be tickets for the very popular play of the traveling theater group that had arrived in Leaf Bud City a few days ago for all he knew. He'd still bet on the duel though.

He wandered on. In one room, a red-headed man tried to coax an equally red-headed boy into roaring like a dragon from some book (what might be the sense in this lesson?); in the next, an exasperated-looking man constantly poked a boy that was Rayan's age, but about the man's height, in a failed attempt to get him to pay attention (it didn't look very effective however); and yet another door revealed a scene of a blue-haired man apparently trying to save... something from being squished between the ample chests of a group of ladies (from what he could hear, they seemed to be squealing about the “something” being adorable).

It looked like he was on the right track. The boy carefully knocked at the next door and only when he was called in did he enter. Finally this room contained a man of remarkable brightness who granted him a gentle smile, as well as yet another boy around his age who imitated the aforementioned smile to the best of his abilities. Which were quite good, should be added. It was like looking at two sizes of the same phenomenon.

“Young Judgement Knight!” The man greeted him. “Which guiding ray of light has the benevolent God of Light send to lead you here today, at this hour of learning, thus keeping you away from your own teacher's words of wisdom?”

Was he asking why he came here instead of attending his own classes?

“My teacher sent me, Sir” Rayan replied honestly and threw a quick glance towards the other boy in the room, who was absent-mindedly twirling a strand of his fair hair around his finger while he watched them. “He gave me a message to hand to your student; in person. Do you know where I can find him?”

He did not mind the odd look the man shot him and patiently waited for a reply. It looked like he waited for Rayan to claim his question a joke, but when he obviously didn't, he finally answered: “...Sun understands the benevolent God of Light's brilliance might be blinding to the eyes of those who decided to tread in the shadows for the sake of his beloved children. Young Judgment, please allow this Sun to be your eyes and tell you, Sun's beloved student is basking in the God of Light's radiance not far from Sun's side.”

At the same time, he gestured towards the teenager next to him, as if to say: Are you blind? My student's right here!

Still, the dark boy raised his eyebrows ever so slightly in what seemed to be surprised confusion. He eyed the blond child sceptically, then returned his gaze to the teacher, his brows now knitted together in an even more evident lack of understanding.

“But he's Hell...”, he mumbled but then quickly added when the adult Sun Knight slowly dropped his ever-present smile: “I-Isn't... he...? I thought...”

He did not exactly have much time to relax as the other boy answered to his alleged teacher's inquiring glare with a smile as bright as the afternoon sun and a careful “I... might be Aris?” before grabbing his hand and dragging him along as he broke into a sprint to flee the room. Instead of protesting Rayan only blinked slowly and let himself be led along.

Eventually however he changed directions and pulled on the other boy's hand to make him come along. Aris shot him a look but was already stuffed into a cabinet before he could so much as open his mouth. Both boys held their breaths as a set of heavy footsteps marched past their hiding place, accompanied by the esteemed Sun Knight's angry mumbling about “those brats”.

Only after everything was quiet did they dare to peek outside. The coast was clear. Once out of the cabinet Rayan neatly straightened his black robes while his companion broke into hearty laughter.

“Haha, what a bloke!” He proclaimed between chuckles and held his stomach. “Did you see his face? ...Hey, don't give me that look!”

The black-haired stopped spelling out “you should respect the teachers” with his eyes and lowered his head instead. Aris grinned.

“Anyway! Thanks for the help I guess. I'll be off before he comes back~ You should go back too!”

With that he rushed off again, but not without turning back to wave goodbye. Rayan's hand reflexively shot up to returned the wave but almost immediately dropped back shyly. A Judgment Knight in training should not go around happily waving at others, especially if it's someone most people thought was his rival.

He stood there for a few more seconds pondering what to do next. His teacher had ended his lesson for the day by sending him off, so going back would be of little use. On the other hand he figured it would be alright if he handed Arin the letter later. So he might as well just head back to his own room for now.


Later that evening found Rayan at the desk in his room, reviewing the written assignment his teacher had given him for the week, when a series of rapid knocks broke his concentration. He tried to ignore the sound for about a minute but the hammering only grew louder instead of stopping. With a sigh he pushed away the book and paper he had been looming over and walked to the door.

What greeted him outside was – as he had expected – a pair of steel blue eyes under impractically long platinum blond bangs.

“You have to hide me!” Their owner shrieked without no further explanation and pushed past him, hopped onto the bed and crawled beneath the blankets. Only after the sound of the door closing would he peek out from in between the sheets again to receive a quiet, questioning look.

“Teacher Hell is chasing me!” He defended his actions more than he explained them. “He wants to dye my hair! He even said that if I didn't come out this instant he'd dye them pink of all things...”

Rayan tilted his head slightly to the right. “But the Sun Knight has golden hair. Even if yours is somewhat pale, dyeing it pink makes no sense.”

“Exactly!” A head of said too-pale-to-be-golden hair popped up from under the blanket. “That's why I keep telling him, I'm not Aris! But he just won't believe me...”

The young knight rarely regretted looking just the same as his twin brother, but right now he cursed the fact with all his heart. He sighed dramatically.

“Really?” Rayan, on the other hand, never really comprehended this trouble. He spoke with full honesty when he mentioned: “I think it's quite obvious you're Arin.”

This earned him a happy grin.

“It's obviously not obvious at all! Even our teachers mix us up all the time, and don't even notice. You're just really, really amazing!”

The Judgment Knight-to-be froze for a second, and then stammered a weak “I-I'm not that great...” before he hurriedly dashed to return to his desks and burrow himself behind stacks of books and paper.

Arin was taken aback for a moment, then blurted out: “...You're not blushing, are you?”

Rayan, however, proceeded to completely and utterly ignore the cackling and blabbering Sun Knight student on his bed for the rest of the night; the letter he had been told to hand over earlier that day completely forgotten.

Rumor has it that for the following weeks, a weird pink-haired boy could be spotted lurking around the Holy Temple.


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Jun. 27th, 2014 09:33 pm (UTC)
Ahhhh your OCs are CUTENESS. Rayan, Aris, and Arin are all so adorable, ahhhhhhhhhh. Dark everything Rayan, try not to look so gloomy! |D;;;

;jdasdfa It was really cute seeing Rayan glimpse some of the other lessons. Roaring like a dragon! And whoa, one of them sounds really tall!

dfkl;asdfa;f SUN SPEECH. WHAT AMAZING SUN SPEECH. <3333 Omg omg, 'But he's Hell' ;sf;fa EVEN THE TEACHERS GET THEM MIXED UP. But Rayan doesn't ahhhhh what is this cuteness.

“I... might be Aris?” AHAHAHAHA ARIS. What were you even doing there!!! Pretending to be your brother!!! (But yessss, yesss, I love this switching business and Rayan not even at all doubting that's Aris)

dsfadjfa; Rayan changing his mind about the waving, ahhhh. (So so cute)

Hahaha omg, Arin. XD; See, this is what happens when you and your brother switch too often! I bet Hell Knight wants to dye your hair because Sun Knight is angry with the stunt pulled earlier in the day. |D;; I wonder how much of it is Aris and how much of it was Arin though. XD;; Or if they were both in on it.

Cute blushing Rayan. <33333

!!! So which one of them got their hair dyed.... I guess the other brother has to be the Sun Knight-in-training for however long the dye stays in...

And omg, I love your style. Please write more. XD;
Jun. 27th, 2014 09:57 pm (UTC)
omgomg I received a rantcomment YEEEE I LOVE GETTING RANTCOMMENTS *^*!!!

I had to think of young Chikus' side story |D The tall one is Leaf, by the way. In return, Laon is rather short (and squishable. I wanna squish a Storm Knight too! He'd have no right to refuse since I'm female! //shot)

Sun Speech is fun <33 I think the longest I wrote in comparison with the actual content was with my "Demos" tumblr friend... (she started calling me Sun since Grisia's my icon) I just meant to say "I can use Wind Blades as a fan y'know" and I wrote like. a wall of text. |D

If you want to stand in for the Sun Knight, you need to take the same lessons as the Sun Knight! ûu ...no, actually Arin probably just didn't want to do whatever was on the agenda for the day and won a game of rock-paper-scissors--

...We'll never know

It's actually Aris who got his hair dyed! Since Arin managed to hide away in Rayan's room in time. And that was just the idea behind it- "I don't care which of you really is my student now, just stop switching, dammit!" This might have helped with developing Aris' covering-hair-with-elements skills... Any color would be better than pink to him |DD

sdfhdskhfjdsk Thank you--- >v< I-I'll try! Huargh, dumb knight babbus. <3
Jun. 28th, 2014 06:59 am (UTC)
Sorry, it's all keysmashing and emoticons. XDDDDD

I was totally reminded of that side story with how Rayan was going around to each lesson~~~. So so cute. Wow, young (not so little) Leaf, you are tall! Awww, a squishable Storm Knight. Cuteness. XD; (But I fear for him XDDD)

Oooooh that sounds super fun. XD; A wall of text just to say you can use Wind Blades... Sun Knights, you really love torturing people, don't you... but Sun speech is fun. |D;

Haha! Oh these brothers~~~~. I guess the lessons will prepare Aris for the future... (Okay, now I'm feeling sad)

Aha! So the teachers managed to catch Aris and solve their problem of always getting them mixed up. Probably just for a short period though, huh. |D;;

Jun. 28th, 2014 10:20 am (UTC)
Sssssh, give me all the keysmashing and emoticons *^* getting those really is the best compliment, haha xDDD

Teacher Storm is probably more worried for his safety than he is himself |DDb

I still want to try and talk Sun Speech during cosplay. Though I fear my mind is not quick enough and I'll need to think for three years before saying anything xD;;;;

Noooo don't feel sad DD8

A small victory for them, but on the long run they just gave up |D After all, it's not like the twins only learn half of what they're supposed to, but rather both learn all of it. And even if they don't, once they've got their mental connection down, they can just mentally ask the other! That must be perfect for cheating on tests---
Jul. 10th, 2014 12:34 am (UTC)
I love how strangely obvious it was to Rayan that who's who. But nobody else can tell. xD;;;;
And how Rayan doesn't quite grasp that fact either ahahahah CUTIES THEY ARE SO CUTE AHHHH

Pffffft pink hair. Yes, that is a GREAT color for the hell knight to have. He won't stand out at ALL. PERFECT for spying missions. *nod nod*
*Imagines Roland with pink hair*

Jul. 10th, 2014 12:54 am (UTC)
>///v///< <333
I'm still tweeking here and there, but I'm thinking along the lines of his ability to tell them apart was actually one of if not the main reason Rayan was picked as the young Judgment Knight! I'm still not clear on what exactly happened, but either way the selections must have been somewhat chaotic... With the Sun Knight not only shoving one, but two of his candidates at his fellow knight-brothers... (both twins went for Sun Knight at first, as did little Ice-to-be)

"With that totally unrespactable pink hair, nobody would ever think you were respectable Holy Knight in training, let alone one of the Twelve Holy Knights-in-training! It's perfect!"
...That's probably along the lines of how his teacher defended his color choice. |D
..................pink is totally the best hair color for a high-ranking Undead-slash-almost-Demon King. Somehow now I imagine the entire series with pink-haired Roland, because Pink thought it a great idea to change his hair color while she was at it back when she ressurrected him-
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